Lucid Dreaming Tea Now Accepts CryptoCurrency 


What is Bitcoin?


Protecting your investment

You will need a Google Authenticator for your smartphone or Laptop which offers a 2 step authenticator to access any of the exchanges and miners for Cryptocurrency.   

iPhone Authenticator

Android Authenticator


Here are a few exchanges you can buy Bitcoin and other Altcoins and hold them in online wallets  



Coin Base



Local Bitcoins





It’s best to spread your crypto portfolio over a few accounts and if you have over $1000 invested into anything you want to keep it off the online exchanges and keep it in one of the following hardware wallets so no one can hack as its offline and not connect to the internet. Ledger Nano S holds both Bitcoin & Altcoins. 

Ledger Nano S


Cloud Mining  
Eobot Free Cloud Mining 


Genesis Mining






For a rough guide to go off download this Hashflare Mining Calculator Microsoft Excel File: 



CoinWarz Mining Calculators


Simple Bitcoin Converter

Crypto Chat Rooms

Bitcoin Facebook Group  

Bitcointalk Forum 


Bitcoin Pub