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Frequently Asked Questions

We source our Organic tea and coffee from Thailand, Peru, South Africa, Taiwan, Australia & China. If you have any exotic organic tea or coffee mixes please contact me so i can add it to our menu.

Drinking this Tea or Coffee can have a calming effect due to the guayusa mixed into it, its a pleasant drink, delicious and it can make you feel good. the dream properties of the tea does not kick in until your well asleep. You will recall all your dreams after building it up in your system.

It can take anywhere up to 3 weeks depending on your customs in your country. Sometime the tea gets through straight away and sometimes customs likes to test the sample. The product always gets through with no problems as it is not an illegal item in any country anywhere around the world.

It is best to drink the tea or coffee early in the morning to recall most of your dreams at night. You can drink it throughout the day but its best to stop drinking it in the late afternoon.

Everyone is different if you follow the email instructions after buying our dream tea or dream coffee you will go Lucid it could happen in the first night or a month later.
Guayusa needs to build up in your system plus you have to stick with daily affirmations outline you get from the email i send you.

There could be many reasons why you can’t remember your dreams you could be taking certain medications which block you from dreaming contact me so we can work out what is stopping you from dreaming so you can dream again.
My best advice is to get off the fluoride toothpaste and stop taking products you use on your body that has sodium lauryl sulfate in them.
Your pineal gland could calcification around it so its best to do a detox with lemon water. It can take up to 6 months for this detox to happen but you will feel normal again and its well worth it because you will feel better.

Ilex guayusa is an Amazonian tree of the holly genus, native to the Peru Amazon Rainforest. One of three known caffeinated holly trees, the leaves of the guayusa tree are dried and brewed like a tea for their stimulative effects. Guayusa helps you remember all your dreams it increases your dream recall up to 80% allowing you to realise quicker your in a dream and consciously wake up in your dream and become Lucid

Yes you can, I personally make up jugs of the dream tea and keep them in the fridge and drink it throughout the day and the next few days which saves me having to mix them up all the time as i tend to drink a lot of tea.

Yes there is EMS is available and you can get your parcel within a few days to a weeks time.
Airmail registered takes anywhere up to 3 to 4 weeks.

Many people start to realize after drinking the tea there is more to it which is why we have a support group setup to help people interpreter there dreams and introduce them to energy exercises.
You can join our school by going to this link.

It is something you have to experience for yourself i can describe it but it has to be felt and experienced to know what it is. For me personally it was one of the best feelings to wake up in a dream after realising i was dreaming then control it. I woke up in the morning full of energy feeling refreshed ready to go about my day like normal except with a bounce in my step.

Telekinesis which is moving objects without touching them, Completely telepathic being able to communicate to everything without speaking.
Shapeshifting into anything you like, animals are the best fun. Merging souls with dream animals and nature. Face your fears and overcome them. Healing dreams of letting go past drama, Visiting relatives, family members or friends that have past away and getting that final chance to spend time with them to say good bye. Levitation or flying dreams these are what i like to do the most its always an adventure. Control Water, Wind, Fire and anything you can imagine it could come true or you could experience.
There are many more dream experiences to explore and understand which is why we recommend you join our school.

You will be sent an email on how to become lucid in the dreamscape and there is a few things you need to get while you are waiting for your order.

The Tea & coffee is 1 1/2 years to 2 Years

We recommend storing it in a dry cool place preferably zipped in the bag in came in.
Moisture, Oxygen and foreign aromas are all enemies to the delicate subtleness of tea.  It is very important to store your tea or coffee in an airtight container to protect them from exposure to light, humidity, and high temperatures.

We currently accept Paypal and we will soon be able to accept all credit cards. If you don’t have paypal they do allow you to send your money via creditcard through there system.

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