Distant Healing

trentHello, Trent James is now available for energy clearings.Treatments start with an online consultation, followed by a distant healing session. Trent is able to connect to source energy/ pure divine creation to clear whatever needs to be cleared that you’re having trouble with releasing. Trent also gives you advice about small adjustments, that you can make on a daily basis to keep your energy flowing freely. This varies from things like temporary diet amendments to affirmations, lifestyle advice and ways to break emotional and old behavioral patterns that no longer serve you depending on which Clearing session you go with. 
Exchange = $66.66, $88.88 and $155.55 USD

The healing is done once I know your sitting down in a quiet area where you cannot be disturbed, I will need a clear photo of you sent to luciddreamingtea@gmail.com  

Some of the things you might experience during this energy session:

healing_flow1. Clearing of negative thoughts or emotions.
2. Feel calmness and peace come over you.
3.) You might find yourself swallowing a lot.

4. Feeling an energy flow or tingly/ goosebumps all over your body.
5. Feeling like going to sleep this is a good thing knowing that your body is repairing itself so you don’t experience pain in that area that needs help.
6. Euphoric feeling during or after a session
7. Don’t be alarmed if you feel an increased pain in the area that was previously injured or is injured, as it starts the healing process. 

8. For a short period of time, you might feel numbness in certain body parts don’t be alarmed this is normal.
9. You might get stomach gurgling noises or burping as the energy moves through you.
10. You could see orbs, flashes of lights, beings, spirits/spirit animals and visions of color, everything might seem brighter. Just relax and enjoy the show.
11. Your eyes could twitch or have REM (Rapid eye movement).
12. Feeling of a cool breeze or wind blow over or across your body.
13. Certain body parts may twitch like your arms or legs or other parts.
14. OBE or Out of Body Experience so you might feel a floating sensation happen you could even completely pop out of your body and go on an adventure.
15. Opening up of airways allowing you to breath deeper bigger breaths.
16. It might feel as if energy or something is holding part of your body down.
17. Your body/soul could realign so you may experience sudden jerks in your body or twitching.
18. Crying with joy or smiling, if you are crying know that you are releasing.
19. Seeing a white fog or mist, know this is spirit and you could be told certain things so listen.
20. During the session and throughout the rest of the day you could feel intense energy throughout your body the next day you can feel tired as your body is in healing mode.
21. After the session, you could feel very tired so go and have a nap you will feel better.
22. Feeling small electric type of shocks or zaps during the session.
23. All your chakras could open up and you might feel a light pressure coming down or energy flowing through your top crown chakra.
24. You may hear popping sounds in your head/ears.
25. Falling quickly to sleep as you are worked on where to much pain could be involved so that you do not feel it. Sometimes there is minor pain with the healing. If it would be too great for you, spirit will have you fall sleep.
26. You might f
eel pressure inside of your head the spirit/soul in your body.
27. It’s important that you drink a lot of water after this session.

If you feel any other sensation in your body then you know this has helped in some way.
Some of you may have a completely different experience from what is wrote above.
You might even have a beautiful profound experience and they are always a bonus as this energy is coming from upstairs, just know that I call in Divine help on every unblocking session that I do. It’s really important to have no fear and go with the flow.  Some people that are not very sensitive at all only feel some energy and that’s it. Don’t worry energy works on many levels sometimes it can affect things we cannot see or feel yet have a major influence on our life’s. It can even clear out unseen blockages to allow new energy to flow down into your daily life. Everything is energy, even we are made up of swirling energy even though we can’t see it. Whatever you do don’t try and block the healing just sit back relax and allow for whatever to flow through to just flow and do its thing. If you do block and think it’s not working you must be willing to receive and believe that it is. Be assured it will even if you think it hasn’t, it does in more ways than one.  When we do the session it’s important to be in a quiet space where you can’t be disturbed. You can sit in a chair or be lying down on a bed it doesn’t make a difference just get comfortable. You can close your eyes if you wish or keep them open. The most important thing is to just relax sit back clear your mind and forget about any worries you might have and receive the energy don’t do anything else that could interfere with what you feel.

I hope you enjoy the sessions and please pick from below which is right for you.


1 X Distant Healing $66.66 USD
2 X Distant Healing’s $88.88 USD
4 x Distant Healing’s & 1 x Dream Creation $155.55 USD








1 x Pet Distant Healing $33.33 USD
1 x Third Eye Healing
$55.55 USD
Lionsgate Self Healing Class 8/8/18








Third Eye Pineal Gland Detox Class $8.18 USD

Soul Merging with Gaia Healing Class $8.18 USD

Spiritual Counseling   $55.55 USD












Kids Younglings Online Training Class $11.11 USD

Graviola Cancer Treatment

Apricot Kernel Cancer Treatment











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Thank you, peace & many blessings,