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Dream Walks – Dream Creations

Dreamwalking is a beautiful art form that can help evolve consciousness within an individual for the benefit of soul creativity. Dreams can be fun, healing or downright hard work to get the soul to shift to a higher perspective of thinking and transformation personal development begins. Peace within can be achieved quickly through clearing out the chains of limitations bound by one’s mind. In the Dreamtime, you can explore different outcomes and scenarios just always remember to treat the Dreamtime with respect same rules apply here in the physical as they do there in the dream. Treat others how you want to be treated. There are dream secrets in each dream you just have to find the key to unlock each one. Below I have Dream creations you can walk into and experience, the first gig is not a dream walk but to help you to start to remember your dreams again so we can then do dream walks or dream creations that are listed. If you would like to become a Dreamwalker, simply start sharing your dreams in a journal in my online forum Dream Energy Academy.

DEA – Start a Dream Journal 


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Help you unblock so you can remember your dreams again

Remember your dreams


 DreamWalks – Dream Creations

Learn how to Fly


Bring back a lost loved family member


Bring back a lost loved pet


Face your fears


Martial Arts Training




Future Dream


Crystal Temple of Healing


Walk Through Walls


Learn To Jump


Clear Your Nightmares




1. What happens if can’t remember any of my dreams?

I have been doing this for many years and everyone that I have come across I have unblocked and they were able to start to remember their dreams. I will continue you to help you until you remember them.
You may require a distant healing which I will throw in for free to get you back on track again.


2.  What is DreamWalking?

Dreaming walking or Dream Creation is an art form where I set up a dream and we both walk into it and I help you beat whatever it is that is blocking you.


3. Have you created dreams or dream walked before?

Yes, I have created many dreams or dream walks. I have helped out many students overcome problems or done healings in the Dreamtime it is a very sacred experience I always treat with respect.


 4. How long have you been a Dream Walker?

Many years, I have only just recently decided to get more people to focus on their dream time this is just another avenue to get my work out there to help others evolve, spiritually, consciously and it helps the soul overcome many obstacles in the physical.


Do this Energy Exercise daily. 


How to wake up in a dream and go Lucid


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