Kids Younglings Online Training September 2nd 2018

Gather all youngling’s aged 7 to 17.
This sunday September 2nd Sunday Dream Energy Academy presents

NewYork 8pm
Perth Australia 9am
Bangkok 8am
Los angles 2pm Saturday (Previous day)

Dream Energy Academy hosted by Trent James invites you and your kid to attend this magical event.

Trent James will introduce you to your energy or chi which flows around your meridian system making up your life force.

You will learn how to control your energy, calm your mind, meditate, which will bring an increase in cognitive recall, improved memory, Increase in awareness, increase in school grading, telekinesis ability increase and most important a sense of feeling of peace with nature and your surroundings.

You will learn breath work and how to slow your energy down if you notice it has sped up which will also lead to you being more aware of your visions and surroundings.

Spots are limited reserve your ticket today.

Tickets = $11.11 USD or accept crypto as payment or Paypal please contact me for different payment options. Email:

Can be bought here:

If you would like to sell tickets for me or make some extra pocket money i’m paying $5 Australian per ticket sold through this link sign up send to your friends:

Event will go for 2 hours.

You will be emailed a ticket url with password to access the event on the day please be on 20mins before start.

This is an online event via Video/audio on please download the free app and install it on your computer.

Parents present at all times as you will learn valuable information also.



Soul Merging with Gaia Class 25th August 2018

Your in for a treat, Trent james will teach you how to merge your soul with Trees, Plants, Flowers and the Earth.

We will go over breath work on how to amplify the feeling and increase the connection between you and Gaia. 

We will do a meditation where i will take you on a journey to the soul of our planet where we can all do healing work on her and maybe see her through your third eye.  

You will come out of this class with an advanced set of healing tools to heal our planet.

You can expect telepathic skills to start to kick in and come out with an all round sense of peace, calmness and connection with the Earth.

When you establish the connection via merging to Earth it can bring an overwhelming sense of bliss and joy to ones soul.

The class will start on Saturday the 25th of August 2018 on the following times:

7pm Bangkok Time

8pm Perth Time

8am New York

5am Los Angles

Spots are limited please purchase a ticket to secure your spot. 

Tickets are $8.18 USD each, crypto is another payment option.


After ticket is paid you will receive the url link to the event a few days before the event starts. 

Add to your safe list.

Facebook event link:

Please download which is a free app to view this class we will be running it live via Video/Audio.

I will be on 20mins before to have a chat with anyone that wants to come on. 

Please wash your face and hands with water before you begin and bring a pen and paper to write notes. 

Main ticket Artwork is available to buy through Chris Sukut on Facebook:

Keep on cleaning up our planet. 

I look forward to seeing you all in class. 

Trent James 


Third Eye Pineal Gland Detox Class August 18th 2018 Trent James will teach you exercises how to break down those calcified pineal glands allowing your third eye vision to start to return. To see into other realms out of this reality is one of the many abilities that we have forgotten. This class is designed to bring awareness to your third eye and your internal inter-dimensional stargate (Pineal Gland).

I will send you a third eye distant healing at the end of class.
The event is online live via 
18th August 2018
Bangkok 7pm 
Perth 8pm 
New York 8am 
LInk will be sent out after confirmed ticket via email.
Video will be able to buy after the event has finished. 



LionsGate August 8/8/18 Self Healing Class 

It’s that time of the year again where the lion’s gate portal opens up and to celebrate I’m offering a self-healing class via

the internet. The class will start on the 8th of August 2018 on the following times: 

7pm Bangkok Time 

8pm Perth Time 

8am New York 

5am Los Angles

Lionsgate is a beautiful day to connect into higher realm energy, some say its a gateway to the heavens and into a higher realm of consciousness.

During this day higher energy is beamed down from one of our favorite stars Sirius. 

During this day it is very easy to access and receive downloads from messengers, angels and your loved ones from the other side.

Ancient Shamanic tribes believe that Sirius is the gateway to heaven and that our souls go there once we depart from our physical bodies.

This high-frequency energy is mostly received through the heart chakra and third eye. It is common around the time of the Lionsgate Portal to receive heart healings, heart openings, and third-eye awakenings.

Because this energy is so easily accessible, doing rituals and working on your heart and third eye chakras can be extremely effective and potent.

During this class, Trent James will teach you how to redirect energy from the divine down to the area that needs healing. 

This is the first time I am ever publically teaching this knowledge to a group. 

After the self-healing part of the class, I will send a distant healing to the group. 

Tickets are $8.18 USD

Spots are limited please purchase through this link to secure your spot. 

I will email you the link once purchase has been confirmed. 

Please download before the event begins its a free app. 

Facebook Event