Lucid Dreaming Cafe 
Our cafe specializes in selling Guayusa dream tea and coffee and other dreaming, spiritual products locally and overseas. We take pride in serving real food and real drinks, ORGANIC non-GMO, no preservatives, no artificial coloring and no pesticides. 
We have our food and drinks at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy.
We help people consciously wake up in their dreams and become Lucid, we also teach energy routines and encourage a better healthier style of living. 

This cafe is supported by a #free online school Dream Energy Academy where we teach energy routines in person or online, so come in and have a cup of dream tea and will talk about dreams. 

We are currently relocating and seeking an Investment to get the dream shop up and running again please email me for inquiries.

Bitcoin Donations : 15phXmoPqdDFbe2uvQeZ5piVx7fswgP3Qo


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