4 X Distant Healing Video Conference


4 x Distant Healing & 1 x Dream Creation 

I’m able to connect with divine pure consciousness or source energy where it all first began. I act as a conduit and connect with higher vibrations or energy during these healings.  The healing will clear whatever is blocking you and you will notice a change in your energy.

You might feel a clearing of negative thoughts or emotions which you will feel wash away bringing calmness and peace to you. Best way to describe it is a cool breeze or windblown over your body releasing anything negative that no longer serves you or is attached. 

Feeling an energy flow or tingly/goosebumps all over your body is knowing a healing is taking place.

Feeling of going to sleep as this is a good thing to allow your body to repair itself so you don’t experience pain in that area that needs help. A euphoric feeling or any feeling during or after a session this is the start of the healing session. 

You will undergo a spiritual transformation. 

I will send you 4 x distant energy healing sessions.
Exchange = $155.55 USD

Requirements: I will need a clear photo of you and permission to perform the energy clearing. Please email your photo and roughly which day you would like to do the healing. I suggest that we connect through Facebook, or email to when you are able to do the healing because I like to know you are in a quiet place where you can’t be disturbed when I do the healing.  

Please email me your photo to dreamenergyacademy@gmail.com and roughly when we can both link up to do the energy clearing. I will email you the free app to download so we can do a video conference live.

There is a selection of 3 Distant Healings click on the pictures to purchase:  

1 X Distant Healing $66.66 USD
2 X Distant Healings $88.88 USD
1 x Third Eye Healing $55.55 USD









1. How long does the healing last for?

Depends on what the person needs at the time my guides continue to work on and you will notice a difference.


2. What is the difference between your photo healing’s and your video conferencing healing?

A huge difference the photos I can clear your energy and whatever needs to be cleared. With the video its a one on one so it’s more powerful as I teach you secret energy exercises to help you change your life around really quick.


3. How long does your video conferencing sessions go for?

However long it takes. We normally have a chat to see where you’re at then I give you what you need to make the changes. Expect big changes, as I can connect with source energy. The healing session can go from 30mins to longer. 


4.  What do I need to do before a healing session?

I will need you to wash your face and hands with water and be in a quiet area where you are not disturbed by anyone.


Dream Walking/ Creation F&Q

5.  What is DreamWalking?

Dreaming walking or Dream Creation is an art form where I set up a dream and we both walk into it and I help you beat whatever it is that is blocking you.


6. Have you created dreams or dream walked before?

Yes, I have created many dreams or dream walks. I have helped out many students overcome problems or done healings in the Dreamtime it is a very sacred experience I always treat with respect.


7. How long have you been a Dream Walker?

Many years, I have only just recently decided to get more people to focus on their dream time this is just another avenue to get my work out there to help others evolve, spiritually, consciously and it helps the soul overcome many obstacles in the physical.


8. What happens if I can’t remember any of my dreams?

I have been doing this for many years and everyone that I have come across I have unblocked and they were able to start to remember their dreams. I will continue you to help you until you remember them.

Source Energy



Great experience! Great service! I look forward to continued healing and will purchase again.



Highly, highly recommended! Outstanding and I am a repeat client! Love, love working with him!!                                                      


Very kind, very generous, and very effective. Thank you!



Brought me out of darkness back into the light..helped get my divinity back.Trent is very good at what he does. Previously I had been diagnosed with nightmare disorder..in just a few sessions Trent had me controlling my own dreams..have not had a nightmare in years..on top of keeping my chakras working properly..the man is truly an angel…;)


Excellent communication, offered unexpected bonuses, uncannily accurate and powerful energy.


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