Mfkzt 3000 Year Black Moon Powder


3000 Year Black Moon Mfkzt Powder 1 Troy Ounce 31.1 Grams

There is only 1 Troy Ounce left of this rare material!

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This was formulated on the night the 3000 Black Moon graced our sky. It is much more potent than our ever popular Mfkzt or elixir. It is black & white like the tiles in the Temple (Laboratory) of Solomon; in color due to the self-extracted volcanic salts as well as the rare Prima Materia used in this formulation. This batch is extremely limited to only 6 troy ounces & is offered by the troy ounce. No more will be able to formulate for another 3000 years. 

This is only available via evaluation due to it being very potent. 

1 Troy Ounces Left In Stock

All of our ingredients are organic, Natural & Ethically Wild Crafted which means it takes time to formulate these products please be patient when it comes to shipping some take up to a month formulate but we will get them out as quick as permitted. This product, however, is in stock.

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