Self Heal Class


This class goes for an hour, one on one Zoom Video conference, you will come out with the knowledge on how to start internally healing yourself using energy or chi. 

Trent James will personally teach you how to self heal the physically body. 

This class is for people who have sickness or they are looking at trying to reverse illness or for people who just want to get healthier or for master teachers who wish to add these modalities into their healing sessions with their clients.  

These lessons are easy to follow and for anyone including beginner through to advanced. I have worked with many cancer patients and it only takes a few mins to do a routine daily to get you back on track again. 

You will learn how to target an area which needs healing and you will learn how to send your chi to that area to start the healing process. 

If you have any questions you will your answers or shown to you in a vision during the lesson. 

One hour session – $100 USD 



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