Soul Merging with Gaia


Your in for a treat, Trent james will teach you how to merge your soul with Trees, Plants, Flowers and the Earth.

We will go over breath work on how to amplify the feeling and increase the connection between you and Gaia. 

We will do a meditation where i will take you on a journey to the soul of our planet where we can all do healing work on her and maybe see her through your third eye.  

You will come out of this class with an advanced set of healing tools to heal our planet.

You can expect telepathic skills to start to kick in and come out with an all round sense of peace, calmness and connection with the Earth.

When you establish the connection via merging to Earth it can bring an overwhelming sense of bliss and joy to ones soul.

The class will start on Saturday the 25th of August 2018 on the following times:

7pm Bangkok Time

8pm Perth Time

8am New York

5am Los Angles

Spots are limited please purchase a ticket to secure your spot. 

Tickets are $8.18 USD each, crypto is another payment option.

After ticket is paid you will receive the url link to the event a few days before the event starts. 

Add to your safe list.

Facebook event link:

Please download which is a free app to view this class we will be running it live via Video/Audio.

I will be on 20mins before to have a chat with anyone that wants to come on. 

Please wash your face and hands with water before you begin and bring a pen and paper to write notes. 

Main ticket Artwork is available to buy through Chris Sukut on Facebook:

Keep on cleaning up our planet. 

I look forward to seeing you all in class. 

Trent James



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