Lucid Dreaming Tea

All of Lucid Dreaming Tea is hand packed individually into organic tea bags this is not your normal average tea that you can find anywhere. I source all of my Guayusa from an Amazon tribe in Peru which is the strongest dream tea available on the market. It takes a lot of time to create a single pack of tea, and I personally pack each tea bag with love. This tea helps you recall all of your dreams that most people are blocked from remembering. You can remember from 1 to 8 different vivid dreams a night depending on how detoxed you are and how clean your soul is from toxic chemicals like pharmacy medication, marijuana or alcohol which blocks you from remembering any of your dreams at all. The more you drink the dream tea the greater chance you have of jumping between multiple dreams at the same time.  I encourage you to start a dream journal and start writing down your dreams so you can recall more of your experience each night. Set 8 alarms each day and when the alarm goes off I want you to stop what you are doing and say “I AM DREAMING” One night you will recall this programming and you will wake up in your dreams and experience the amazing feeling of going lucid.  


Peru Pure Guayusa Organic Guayusa


Butterfly Pea & Guayusa guayusa mate


Espresso Rooibos & Guayusa guayusa benefits


Cacao & Guayusa organic tea uk


Graviola & Guayusa Antioxidant tea


Strawberry Rooibos & Guayusaguayusa lucid dreaming


Vanilla Rooibos & Guayusa guayusa caffeine


Rooibos & Guayusa guayusa tea health benefits


Cat’s Claw & Guayusa cats claw lucid dreaming tea


Coffee & GuayusaDream Coffee


Coconut & Guayusa organic tea suppliers




Graviola tea and Noni tea does not make you dream these products are Anti-cancer tea’s which helps reduce tumors sizes within your body and gets rid of any bad cells within the body.

Graviola Soursop TeaGraviola Cancer treatment

Noni Tea Noni Tea